Complimentary Webinar: Attorneys General Fought the New Title IX Rules: The Clash Between States & the Department of Education

Twenty-six states are suing in seven different courts to stop the implementation of the new Title IX rules. Some governors and other state officials have directed schools not to implement the new federal rules, including the Texas Education Agency in a June 13 letter to Texas public schools that they should continue complying with the 2020 Title IX rules if they are seeking to receive grant funds from the TEA.

Casting Call for North Texas K-12 Title IX Administrators! Attend The Director’s Cut, Texas Edition: The K-12 Title IX Administrator’s Conference July 29-30, 2024 in Dallas

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Complying with Title IX’s New Mandate for Annual Training for All Employees 

The new Title IX rules require that educational institutions provide annual Title IX training to all employees. You must train your school’s employees annually on: 

  • Your school’s obligation to address sex discrimination in its education program or activity. 
  • The scope of conduct that constitutes Title IX sex discrimination, including the definition of sex-based harassment. 
  • School personnel’s duties when they have information about conduct that reasonably may constitute sex discrimination, including when they have a duty to notify the Title IX Coordinator.  
  • School personnel’s duties and obligations when a student or legal guardian informs them of the student’s pregnancy or related condition. 

The State of Texas Reacts Swiftly, Files Suit to Halt the New Title IX Rules

The State of Texas did not waste any time in its response to the new Title IX rules.

Monday, the day the new rules were officially posted in the Federal Register, Texas filed a lawsuit in federal court in Amarillo, Texas to challenge the rules and halt their implementation—or at least postpone the August 1 effective date. The State of Texas claims the rules are unlawful and exceed the Department of Education’s authority. With schools gearing up to comply with the new Title IX rules, we are monitoring this lawsuit and others that may affect your school’s Title IX obligations.