He Said, She Said, They Said: Cracking Credibility in Student Sexual Misconduct Cases

When investigating reports of sexual misconduct by and against students, credibility can often be an essential question for the investigator, decision-maker, and others on the school, college, or university team. Understanding the factors to consider, knowing the types of questions to ask and techniques to use to get the information you need to consider, and avoiding the perception of bias, conflict of interest, and prejudgment are just a few of the land mines that education leaders face when a credibility issue looms in an investigation. Although the issue has taken front stage recently with respect to Title IX sexual harassment grievances, cracking credibility is just as essential in other sexual misconduct cases involving students, including those in schools that don’t receive federal funds.

This webinar from Thompson & Horton addresses some of the many credibility concerns that can arise during the sexual misconduct grievance process.

Thompson & Horton’s 2022 Title IX Guidebook

We have learned a lot over the past year-and-a-half since the effective date of the 2020 Title IX regulations. What if you could take all of that information and put it in a checklist with all the forms you might need to address a Title IX complaint?

Thompson & Horton’s 2022 Title IX Guidebook does just that. Its Title IX Coordinator, Informal Resolution Facilitator, Investigator, Decision-Maker, and Appellate Decision-Maker Checklist will allow even a novice to walk step-by-step through the Title IX process. Each checklist includes links to new and improved Title IX forms that Title IX team members can customize for their Title IX casework.

Contact titleix@thlaw.com for information on ordering the Guidebook for your institution.

Webinar: Top 10 Client Questions During the Title IX Grievance Process

At Thompson & Horton, our attorneys are grateful to be the first call for many Title IX administrators dealing with reports, formal complaints, and other matters involving Title IX sexual harassment. Recently, T&H attorneys Holly McIntush, Rebecca Bailey, and I got together to discuss the top legal questions we have been hearing from clients regarding the Title IX grievance process. We hope that the webinar will answer some questions you are considering, whether you work for a K-12 or higher education institution and are a Title IX Coordinator or an administrator or employee with other duties during the Title IX process.

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