Collaboration for the Win! Title IX and Special Education in K-12

special education hands heart around student

Assuming they are finalized as proposed, the new Title IX rules will for the first time require ongoing “consultation” between the Title IX Coordinator and special education team when a party to a Title IX complaint is a student receiving special education or related services. But if you work in Title IX or special education in K-12 public schools, “collaboration” should already be a part of your vocabulary in this context. There are so many complex issues at the intersection of Title IX and special education that make collaboration between Title IX and special education teams essential. Are you doing all you need to do to protect your educational institution from legal risks involving Title IX and special education?

T&H attorneys Jackie Gharapour Wernz, Rebecca Bailey, and Kendra Yoch presented a complimentary webinar on April 3, 2023, covering the issues at the intersection of Title IX and special education in K-12 schools. We covered the essential topics K-12 educators should be thinking of when students with disabilities are involved in the Title IX grievance process.  We answered questions such as:

  • When are a school’s child find duties triggered based on a sexual harassment report?
  • When is a manifestation determination review (MDR) required?
  • What special issues of consent apply in situations where the complainant or respondent in a case (or both!) are students with disabilities?
  • When can an emergency removal, supportive measures, or remedies be a change in placement for a student with an IEP or 504 plan?
  • And more!

This fast-paced webinar includes hypothetical scenarios relevant to Title IX and disability services professionals at all levels. We answered audience questions submitted during the webinar. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how your Title IX and special education teams can collaborate for the win to protect your school district from legal challenges.

Watch the webinar here!