A Sneak Preview of New Title IX

The red carpet has officially rolled out for the highly anticipated release of the updated Title IX regulations!

In this webinar, our Title IX attorneys provide the first look at the new Title IX rules. Whether you’re a seasoned Title IX coordinator or just debuting, our sneak preview has insights and notes for everyone. This high-level review of the new rules and the changes that will impact your institution’s processes for complying with its Title IX obligations, offers an opportunity to get the highlights of the new Title IX before our more in-depth follow-up sessions.

Fourth Circuit Finds 501(c)(3) Status Does Not Subject Private Schools to Title IX

Title IX, like Title VI and Section 504, is applicable to schools that accept federal financial assistance. Public schools receive federal funds and are thus subject to these laws. But private, tax-exempt schools have long operated with the understanding that they are not subject to these laws. In 2022, however, a district court in Maryland and one in California rocked the private school community by determining that a private school’s tax-exempt status constituted the receipt of federal financial assistance requiring compliance with Title IX. The Fourth Circuit has now reversed the Maryland decision, Buettner-Hartsoe v. Baltimore Lutheran High School Associationd/b/a Concordia Preparatory School, finding that a tax exemption is not the same as the monetary grant contemplated by Title IX.

Coming Soon to a School Near You – Take Two: The 2024 Title IX Rules

Thompson & Horton’s Title IX team has been anticipating a May 2024 release of the final Title IX Regulations, with the debut as early as May 1. On Thursday, April 11, 2024, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) completed its review of the proposed Title IX Regulations. With this stage of production complete, there is now chatter that the final regulations could be released any day now. 

Take one of the Amendments to the Title IX Regulations (2020) was run during a global pandemic, which made preparation and implementation a significant challenge. Schools have been working with the 2020 cut for four years, and now the Department of Education is about to call “Action!” on take two. T&H’s Title IX team is ready to help your institution prepare for a smooth rollout in 2024 with options for all your training requirements and crucial resources to guide your Title IX team.  

Thompson & Horton Announces 2024 Title IX Webinar Series: “T&H TacTIXs”

Thompson & Horton is offering a complimentary webinar series for 2024: “T&H TacTIXs: 2024 Title IX Webinar Series.” Join our Title IX team on the last Wednesday of each month for an essential update on critical Title IX tactics your school, college, or university needs to know to get—and stay—compliant in 2024.

Our first webinar, on January 31, 2024, will be called “A Cruel Summer of Title IX Is Coming: Are You Ready For It?Register now even if you cannot attend the first webinar because spots are limited! Registration for the series will get you access to all of the monthly webinars for the year. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get the T&H checklist for what you need to do this Spring to prepare for an implementation summer in 2024.

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Title IX + IDEA = NBD? OMG!

Some of the most important and confusing questions we receive from K-12 school administrators regarding Title IX involve two other important Federal laws, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Those laws require public school districts to provide a free, appropriate public education to students with disabilities and include a myriad of rules that must be followed when educating such students. When can a student with disabilities be involved in a Title IX case? When can they be removed from school through Title IX processes? What steps must be followed to impose discipline on a student with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 Plan? Read more for the answers to those questions, and more, to turn the mix between Title IX and the IDEA from OMG to NBD (no big deal)!