We’ve got you covered! T&H Title IX Guidebooks

Pre-Order Now for Release June 10, 2024

The new Title IX rules go into effect on August 1, 2024. That’s just over three months away! We know schools have a lot to do to prepare for the new school year, so Thompson & Horton’s Title IX attorneys have you covered!

Thompson & Horton is here to guide you through your institution’s implementation of the new Title IX Rules with Take 2 of our popular Title IX Guidebooks. Each 2024 guidebook provides the essential tools your institution needs to help fulfill its Title IX duties—complete with a handbook, checklists, and easily customizable forms and templates.

We have a guidebook specifically for post-secondary institutions, The 2024 Title IX Higher Ed Guidebook, and a guidebook for K-12 schools, The 2024 Title IX K-12 Guidebook, which consider the different institutions’ unique needs, grievance processes, and student populations.

For the first time, we also have guidebooks tailored specifically to Texas K-12 schools and Texas community colleges: The Essential 2024 Title IX Guidebook for Texas K-12 Schools and The Essential 2024 Title IX Guidebook for Texas Community Colleges. These Texas-specific guidebooks will help you navigate intersecting state laws and Title IX regulations.

All guidebooks have a handbook that discusses your institution’s Title IX obligations, the requirements of the new Title IX regulations, and what your grievance process or processes must include. The handbook contains practical tips and recommends steps your institution can take to comply with the Title IX rules. It will prove an essential tool and guide for all Title IX administrators.

The guidebooks also contain new templates and forms for your institution’s overall Title IX compliance beyond just the Title IX grievance process(es). We streamlined the grievance process forms to reflect the new, more flexible, and less prescriptive Title IX Rules. The guidebooks include decision flowcharts and checklists for all Title IX personnel to play their role under the Title IX rules successfully. The guidebook has templates for all required notices, forms, and documentation that the Title IX coordinator, investigator, decisionmaker, appeal officer, and informal resolution facilitator need to fulfill their roles. There are also bonus forms not required by the rules that can assist Title IX personnel in more effectively demonstrating compliance with the Title IX rules.

Guidebook purchasers will be invited to a complimentary webinar, during which we will provide a User’s Guide to Thompson & Horton’s 2024 Title IX Guidebooks and help you understand how to use them effectively and efficiently. If you cannot attend, you will receive a complimentary recording of the webinar for use at your convenience.

All guidebooks will be ready for release on or before June 10, 2024. You can pre-order your 2024 Title IX Guidebook now by emailing us at titleix@thlaw.com. You can find more information about T&H’s Title IX Guidebooks here.

You can check out more information about the 2024 Title IX rules by watching our recent webinar, A Sneak Preview of the 2024 Title IX Rules. Watch our recent webinar, Run the World (Policy & Procedure Writers), to learn about policies, procedures, as well as the templates and forms your institution will need to comply with the new 2024 Title IX rules (which can be conveniently found in our guidebooks!)